Our Kindling
Philosophy & Pedagogy

At Kindle Garden, we believe each child’s journey is unique given their diverse talents. The Kindle Garden Child has the freedom to develop, learn and grow with personalised learning plans. Each Kindle Garden Child develops into a role model who is confident and compassionate, with KINDLE (tap to view details)



Knowledge, Our children are equipped with relevant knowledge and skills that make them ready to deal with a fast-evolving world



Innovation, We continuously build upon best practices and resources to innovate methods and activities to enhance learning



Natural, Our children are naturally curious and are nurtured in a natural, accessible environment that is purposefully designed to facilitate and support their needs



Diversity, We work with parents and professionals to celebrate and develop young learners of diverse abilities



Learning, Children have an active say in their own learning through project work and dedicated learning spaces



Engaging, Our children are meaningfully engaged through active participation in an environment that is safe and conducive

Our Kindling


  • Our approach is based on evidence-based practices, which are aligned to early childhood principles and prepare them for future academic learning.
  • Personalised Learning: We recognise that each child is unique, and we design individualised learning plans and activities to support different learning styles, strengths and interests. We do so in a safe and conducive environment and adopt various instructional strategies and teaching materials.
  • Low teacher: child ratio: We provide individualised care and dedicated guidance without compromising on the quality of education through small groups.
  • Many Hands Approach: We leverage on a unique team of professionals and therapists to work closely with parents throughout each child’s journey in Kindle Garden.

Our Kindling

At Kindle Garden, we adopt research-based techniques to support the holistic development of each child during their formative and crucial years of development. We do so by:
  • Utilising a myriad of effective and current resources.
  • Shaping an interactive and fluid learning environment through reviewing current practices and active innovation.
  • Pegging our curriculum to external frameworks and guidelines.
  • Ensuring that activities are tailored and well-planned according to the functional needs of our children.
We focus on developing the needs of our children across eight different domains:
  • Creative Expression
  • Cognitive
  • Language and Bilingualism
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Physical
  • Science and Technology
  • Social-Emotional

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