Our Involvement

As an inclusive preschool, Kindle Garden conducts developmental and psycho-educational assessments to support children with additional needs. Our holistic approach provides children with access to intervention services through differentiated learning opportunities in a common space. Our diverse team of early childhood educators, early interventionists, and allied health professionals, collaborate with families to shape each child’s learning experience. We support continuous learning for our children by equipping parents with necessary knowledge and skills to embed intervention techniques into their daily routines at home and in the community.

The Kindlers

One reason, we at Kindle Garden believe, we set ourselves apart from others, is our team: The Kindlers. Our awesome teachers are all educated in early childhood education and are trained by Kindle Garden. Our staff are recruited for their passion and innovation in their fields that they can share with our pupils, providing them with learning experiences that prepare them for the world that they will grow in the future. Our staff are passionate toward turning our pupils into excellent thinkers and problem solvers.

Contact Us

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