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Our approach is based on
evidence-based practices.

All of our practices are established with our own experiences to offer children the absolute best in their school life at Kindle Garden. Tap to view details.


We recognise that each child is unique, and we design individualised learning plans and activities to support different learning styles, strengths and interests. We do so in a safe and conducive environment and adopt various instructional strategies and teaching materials.

Low teacher:child

We provide individualised care and dedicated guidance without compromising on the quality of education through small groups

Many hands

We leverage on a unique team of professionals and therapists to work closely with parents throughout each child’s journey in Kindle Garden.

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Kindling Spaces

Kindle Garden has been carefully curated to allow our children to benefit from the environment.

Our Programmes

Little Explorers

Toddlers Program (18–36 months)

What do little explorers need? Confidence to navigate the world by themselves for the first time without their mummies and daddies! At Kindle Garden, we support this big, brave, step by following the child’s lead in play. Our educators facilitate this adventure of discovery through cultivating a deep understanding of the child.

Little Investigators

Kindergarteners Program (4-6 years)

Our little investigators are excited about learning and raring to go! The world around them is filled with wonderful things to discover, examine, analyze and inquire about. Our educators use the project approach by providing opportunities for experimentation and creativity and collaborative discussions with their peers.


I chose Kindle Garden for my son, because we wanted him to learn to live in an environment which appreciates diversity from a young age. Through the work of the teachers and trained specialists, I am reassured that my son’s growth and development are also well taken care of, according to his needs. 

Meng Xian’s Mummy

All my three boys attend Kindle Garden, and I’m happy to see them truly enjoying themselves everyday! While one of my boys experiences challenges in communication, I’m glad that the teachers at Kindle Garden have helped other children learn how to better understand and interact with him.  

Cadel, Cruz & Caius’ Mummy

My son has been with Kindle Garden since 2017, and it was a bittersweet moment to watch him graduate three years later. While I am happy to see him develop and grow over the years, I believe we will all miss the Kindle Garden enviroment from here on, because the team has been fantastic. Their love, kindness, and patience really helped us through many situations and experiences. The other children are great too. They have been nurtured to treat all their friends as equals, they’re always willing to help, and they have much empathy. Seeing them in action at Kindle Garden gives me hope that our larger society can be inclusive in future, and it has taught me that we can all start by being kinder to one another. 

Tze Heng’s Mummy

The children here are so compassionate, and they don’t look at anyone differently! In the hands of the Kindle Garden team, I know that they will be well-prepared for primary school and life ahead.

Abeni & Alina’s Mummy

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